What Travellers Really Want From Your Mobile App

wi-Q Technologies recently tasked 4 students at the Edge Hotel School with a consultancy project relating to mobile ordering and the implementation of Mi-Room into the hospitality industry. The 4 students formed Synergy Consultancy and delivered a fantastic report, drawing on secondary and primary research conducted within Wivenhoe House, a 4-star hotel which is partly run by the hospitality students. 

Now, one of the key bits of research that Synergy Consultancy brought to our attention was a 2015 report titled 'The Mobile Revolution Is Here: Are You Ready?'. Produced by Heather Linton and Rob Kwortnik Ph.D., it explores the results from a survey of 754 U.S. travellers and analyses how they use their mobile devices before, during and after travelling.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Consumers are willing to use mobile devices in all stages of the travel cycle
  • Whilst most users are willing to download specific travel apps onto their mobile devices, about half of those are subsequently deleted
  • Travellers in this survey preferred to use travel websites rather than apps

One clue to this was an interest in a hypothetical general app that could be used to create a personal travel profile to serve as a central location for the traveller's information and preferences. This way, hotels could provide a more customised stay and save travellers from downloading apps for individual hotels or brands - just like Mi-Room.

  • Apps currently on the market aren't providing sufficient value - some kind of friction keeps users from completing transactions using mobile apps rather than websites. We believe this friction is the process of downloading and maintaining a portfolio of apps
  • 72% of respondents are willing to let a hotel keep track of their requests and preferences as part of a confidential guest profile, but they are not willing to share location or social profiles
  • Hotel guests want to use their mobile devices in more ways than currently available to them

The results tie in nicely with a white paper wi-Q Technologies recently published. The white paper summarises the most recent mobile ordering research and explores the hospitality provider's perspective through a survey recently completed by The Caterer. To find out how you can get ahead in hospitality, download your free copy today.

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