Value Proposition

In 2014, Wi-Q predicted that development of integrated cloud-based HTML applications would lead to the demise of traditional app technology. In 2016, reports showed that 52% of business apps were uninstalled within 30 days – 26% within one hour.

Delivering to a 30billion dollar market

“The hospitality industry is at a tipping point for technology investment, with $3.8 billion spent on hotel software alone in 2015 and spend forecast to grow 7-8% over the next three years globally in a global hospitality technology market worth $29.7bn in 2015.”
Grant Thornton

With limitless market verticals, Wi-Q Technologies’ solutions can deliver proven ROI from day one. A fully scalable, future-proof SaaS model with little or no cap-ex that can be deployed across continents in days, shape around existing technology and deliver in real-time – it’s what the world has been waiting for. From hotels and restaurants, to casinos, airports and arenas, Wi-Q Technologies has a solution to fit.

Already recognised as a multi-award-winning provider, Wi-Q is the world’s only Oracle Gold partner in the hospitality sector – that means our solutions are ready to deliver to 70% of the global market.

Wi-Q Technologies is delivering the future – today.

97% of UK hospitality decision makers said they were planning to invest in mobile ordering technology 
– Survey by The Caterer, April 2016



“The big data market is expected to grow from $28.65 billion in 2016 to $66.79 billion by 2021”

Wi-Q Technologies affords multiple revenue generating benefits; one of which is the unrivalled big data opportunities that it creates beyond existing management information currently available. By taking control of the complete customer journey, our software can generate data intelligence that has the potential to change how a business, or even industry, is run.

Data has been deemed the new oil; it’s one of the world’s most valuable commodities. In fact, its value has been recognised beyond that of oil. As Piero Scaruffi, cognitive scientist and author of “History of Silicon Valley”, 2016, pointed out: “The difference between oil and data is that the product of oil does not generate more oil, whereas the product of data will generate more data.”

Wi-Q Technologies’ ability to capture customer data puts us and our investors in an enviable position within a booming market. It offers our clients opportunities to exploit new information that can deepen their understanding of customers, identify profitable customer segments and help attract new business.

“97 percent of all business travellers, and 94 percent of leisure travellers, travel with at least one mobile device (Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index) – engagement through these devices offers invaluable data-driven opportunities.”




“The global mobile wallet market is forecasted to reach $1,602.4 billion in five years, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 30.7 percent from 2012 to 2018” 

– QSR Magazine

Wi-Q Technologies’ seamless integration of the customer journey provides a gateway of opportunity for payment providers. We are a conduit for payment providers to get to market and create added value to their otherwise marginalised proposition.

Payment providers know that the future of payment is through mobile devices; and Wi-Q Technologies is delivering limitless opportunity through integration. In a multi-billion-dollar market, our technology enables any-device, any-payment choice, and can place payment providers exactly where they need to be.

Our global delivery enables instant visibility to payment providers, from PayPal to WeChat – all from the same application, at the click of a button.



“Technology that can communicate with, and wrap around existing systems and applications is a highly valuable asset”

Integration with existing software providers is key to our success. Through our beachhead strategy, we discovered the need to deliver a ‘whole product’ solution to key markets in order to fully facilitate its implementation. Diligence in our research, understanding of the market and software development has ensured that we can deploy Wi-Q Technologies with a ‘hit the ground running’ approach, with minimal disruption to our clients’ existing business operations. This has led to integration with world-leading software providers, beyond the capabilities of any other mobile ordering solution in the market.

Wi-Q Technologies’ software can operate as a standalone service or wrap around existing functions, such as apps and websites, as well as integrate with EPoS systems and payment providers. Through a simple API feed, the software can also integrate with incumbent business systems, connecting our clients with external services.

We have developed a ubiquitous solution with a universal front end. This makes our software fully scalable, whether it’s being implemented across a small hotel chain or an international establishment with hundreds of sites. Our solution allows for rapid deployment and offers real-time updates to ensure its functionality evolves in line with our clients’ businesses.
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