Our Technology


Our technology is future-proof

Cloud-based, HTML5 technology:

A revolutionary alternative to mobile ordering apps that are costly to develop and maintain, are high-maintenance and rely on consumers having to download and use up their mobile storage space.

Ubiquitous solution:

Rather than having a separate app for different partners or companies within groups, every customer receives the same interface and experience, every time, anytime and anywhere in the world

Integrated solution:

Our technology is integrated with common EPoS systems and payment providers as well as multiple third party solutions

Sold as a low-cost SaaS model:

A chance to instantly increase revenues and reduce fixed line costs with little or no Capex

Big data generator:

We are creating new data through backend data capture and extensive management information, including purchase behaviours and location, enabling targeted marketing and improved service offering

A gateway for payment providers:

We control the customer journey, offering payment providers access to an integrated digital process of ordering and buying in markets outside of the retail industry

Any internet-enabled device access:

There are no costs associated with the provision and maintenance of hardware; consumers can use their own mobile devices

See Cloud Vs Apps for more information