Hotel Yearbook 2017: Technology is out now

Hotel Yearbook 2017The fourth annual Hotel Yearbook has been launched – and this year it’s a special edition on Technology.

As a publication that is renowned for its foresight into the global hotel industry, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the hotly debated topic of technology should take centre stage.

Technology has undoubtedly had one of the greatest impacts on the hotel industry in the last decade, but it’s also an area hoteliers, quite rightly, approach with caution. With its ever-shifting landscape of emerging trends and new developments, it can be difficult to know when and where investments should be made.

The Hotel Yearbook 2017 – Technology is a free, downloadable e-book, dedicated to uncovering the many technology challenges and solutions facing the hotel industry. With more than 30 articles featuring the advice and insights of highly respected thought-leaders, we would recommend it for anyone looking to implement the latest technology developments into their business operations.

Oracle Hospitality Sundar Swaminathan and Dr. Peter Agel’s input on the many solutions offered by cloud-driven technology is particularly interesting (see page 14). Recognising that hoteliers are now operating in what they call ‘an Era of Individualisation’, Swaminathan and Agel believe cloud-based solutions will play an integral role in allowing businesses to operate efficiently at scale whilst simultaneously providing a personalised service for each guest.

Their article highlights that, contrary to concerns that a heavier reliance on IT may compromise on the human element of hospitality, cloud-based technology can actually increase engagement with guests. They also bring to light one of the key challenges facing hoteliers; the need to reduce IT cost and complexity. In fact, these were the common challenges that had prevented respondents to our survey, conducted in partnership with The Caterer earlier this year, from previously investing in mobile ordering technology.

As Swaminathan and Agel suggest, the costs associated with on-premises hardware often don’t stop at capital expenditure, but require money and manpower for maintenance and support. As an alternative solution, they stand by cloud technology’s potential to become ‘the single, most important driver in reducing operating costs’, before detailing the many reasons why.

We may be biased – but we’re with them on that.

Download your free copy of the Hotel Yearbook 2017 – Technology.

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