7 Facts about Consumer Demand for Mobile Ordering

We have recently been working on a mobile ordering whitepaper and have, in the process, collated a lot of statistics on consumer demand for mobile ordering. There is a lot of emerging research on the topic, but here are some of our favourites:


consumer demand mobile ordering

  1. A recent Oracle Hospitality Survey found that 94% of millennials already use their smartphones in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.
  2. The majority of millennials want to be able to order food for delivery or takeout from their mobile device.
  3. Millennials eat in restaurants more often than non-millennials: 3.4 times per week versus 2.8 times per week. In addition, 41%, want to use mobile ordering more liberally, for example, ordering from their table within the restaurant.
  4. Millennials engage with QSR, fast food restaurants and coffee shops the most.
  5. Mobile pre-ordering - just one segment of the mobile ordering industry - is expected to be a $38 billion industry by 2020.
  6. Business Insider also expects orders placed by smartphones to make up more than 10% of all QSR sales by 2020.
  7. Interestingly, this growth is not just from new orders, but an increase in order value. Taco Bell reported that orders via mobile were on average, 30% greater than in store orders.


What isn't well documented is the hospitality providers' perspective - what are their demands? Wi-Q Technologies in partnership with The Caterer, recently published results of a survey that was designed to explore the hospitality providers perspective.


The subsequent headline published by The Caterer was that 80% of hospitality providers surveyed, still don't offer mobile ordering. With the consumer demand for mobile ordering so widely documented, it seems strange that the majority of hospitality providers have not yet adopted the technology. Our new whitepaper explores this apparent mobile ordering deficit in more detail, whilst releasing more insights from the survey. To learn how your venue can get ahead in hospitality, improve the guest experience and boost revenue.

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.

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