A look back at 2017

2017 was a pivotal year for wi-Q Technologies.  Not only was it the year that Mi-Room, an online ordering solution for hotel guest services was launched, but it was also the year that wi-Q Technologies successfully entered the UAE market. The iconic Dubai resort, The Atlantis, The Palm, introduced wi-Q, a queue-busting, online ordering solution, to its pool and beach areas. The resort’s guests can now instantly order refreshments to their sun lounger via the Internet browser on their own mobile device – without downloading an app. The solution even allows guests to charge the bill to their room. It has revolutionised the guest experience in these outdoor areas and in October 2017, the solution won Atlantis, The Palm and wi-Q Technologies the Best Use of Technology Award at the Middle East Hospitality Awards. We have since produced a case study on the solution which you can read here.the atlantis mobile ordering


Statistics from 2017


As the year comes to a close, we thought we would share some statistics on the performance of our web-based mobile ordering solutions. As you will see, we are starting to spot some very interesting trends. For example, the conversion rate (the percentage of wi-Q users who place an order) has increased month on month this year to over 40%...read more.


The U.K Market

Demand for web-based mobile ordering in the UK has experienced rapid growth in 2017. Hospitality businesses are starting to realise the impact mobile ordering can have on customer experience, operations, and business revenue. As the wi-Q Technologies predicted, use of apps is declining as operators move towards the many benefits of cloud-based mobile ordering solutions, one of which is the ability to implement leading technology without prohibitive capital expenditure. We have some exciting projects underway and look forward to revealing them throughout 2018.

Other notable events from 2017:



A sneak peek at 2018


wi-q voice commands

For 2018, wi-Q Technologies has several exciting projects on its roadmap. Both of the company’s cloud-based, online ordering solutions, Mi-Room and wi-Q, include the ability to integrate and support additional emerging technologies and third-party applications. 2018 looks set to be the year that the hospitality industry truly embraces new technology to transform the guest experience and unlock new revenue streams.

Additionally, hospitality businesses are looking at solutions that can integrate with existing EPoS, PMS, services and payment gateways. In 2017 alone, wi-Q Technologies announced partnerships and integrations with global industry leaders including Oracle Hospitality, Worldpay, PayPal and Media Carrier.

So how does the future look? wi-Q Technologies is currently working on integrating voice recognition technology into wi-Q and Mi-Room, allowing customers to simply speak their order. Founder, Graham Cornhill said,

“Conversational commerce is going to revolutionise the way customers and guests interact with hospitality businesses. It doesn’t get much simpler, or more emotive, than simply speaking your order. There are a lot of exciting technologies and integrations we are exploring with partners and venues, and this kind of long-term technology partner relationship is the foundation of wi-Q Technologies.”

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